Goldsmiths: Sell your watch

Let us support you through your journey to sell your watch with a live, instant consultation with one of our in-house watch experts. Sit back and chat with us from the comfort of your own home and let us obtain a valuation for you.

With over 230 years of luxury watch and jewellery experience, Goldsmiths is a brand you can trust when it comes to established expertise in luxury watches. We will expertly assess your watch and offer you a competitive and accurate valuation for the watch you wish to sell to us. Our expert valuers have worked hard to ensure the instant online valuation* is as accurate as possible. Complete your journey either online or visit one of 100 showrooms, where dedicated colleagues will assist you in valuing and selling your watch.

We will give you a quote on most luxury watch brands. Valuations are given instantly on thousands of Cartier, Breitling, TAG Heuer, Omega, and Rolex watches, with many more brands to follow.

  • Free instant online valuation in almost every case
  • Competitive prices offered
  • Drop off at any of our showrooms across Goldsmiths, Mappin & Webb, and Watches of Switzerland (Excludes Airports) for expert advice and peace of mind
  • Great range of luxury brands available to buy and be sold
  • Money transferred directly into your bank account
  • Part exchange on your watch is also available,

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