What you need to know to plan your visit

Thefollowing measures are in place to ensure that everyone coming into County Mallhas a safe, enjoyable, and comfortable shopping experience.


Everyone that visits County Mallmust wear a face covering when you are in the Mall and our stores, to protectyourself and others. Anyone not wearing one could be refused entry orasked to leave. Exceptions allowedas per the government guidelines.

Less people in the centre:

Our footfall technology allows usto closely monitor customer numbers in real-time so capacity levels will becarefully controlled to maintain physical distancing.  We are comfortablethat typical customer numbers can be accommodated so there is no immediate needto operate a one in one out system but if needed this will be deployed.


A clockwise one-way system willbe in operation throughout the Mall. Visitors are asked to ‘keep left’ at alltimes.  Opportunities for crossing to the other side of the Mall areclearly marked. Clear floor markings and signage will direct customers tofollow the physical distancing guidelines of 2m. If you need to queue outsideany shop clearly marked ‘spots’ will advise you where to stand.


These are provided at theentrances/exits, in the toilets and at the entrance of the Food Court. Weadvise all shoppers to sanitize their hands regularly when visiting and wherepossible wear a face mask. 


All staff are provided withappropriate PPE and we have implemented an enhanced deep-cleaning regime.


The toilet facilities are open.Alternate sinks, WC cubicles and urinals have been closed off to control thenumber of people using the facilities at any one time. 

Lifts& escalators: 

Only 1 passenger or 1 familygroup is allowed in the lift at any one time. On exiting the left, please turnright and follow the one-way system. Please give way to those that that needthe lift that most.

Where possible please use theescalators instead of the lifts leaving a minimum of 3 steps between you andothers. Do not walk down the escalators to pass around other passengers. 


We are open from 9am-6pm fromMondays – Saturdays and 10.30am – 5.30pm on Sundays. Some stores are operatingLate Night Thursdays again but please check the website or call the storedirectly before visiting. Some shops have reduced their opening hours to ensurethey can provide a safe and clean environment for customers.  Always checkdirectly with the shop or our website before starting your shopping trip.


To allow as much space forshoppers to move around safely on the concourse, mid-mall kiosks have beenremoved or relocated to provide space for visitors to navigate around theshopping centre.

Restaurants& Cafes:

Food & Beverage retailerswill only be operating a takeaway service only at the current time with theseating area is partly open to maintain social distancing.

CountyMall team members are on hand at all times to offer help and advice tovisitors.


Staying COVID-19 Secure in 2020

We confirm we have complied withthe Government's guidance on managing the risk of COVID-19. Click here.

COVID-19 Risk Assessment Self-AssessmentReport. Click here.

We will be reviewing Governmentguidance regularly and implementing any changes when we can.