County Mall

Shopping Centre

Open today 9am - 6pm

Wednesday 20th September 2017

Full Opening Hours

Commercial Opportunities

Crawley is an affluent area with a thriving business community

• 9 Million footfall per annum

• A catchment of 500,000 with £278m of available spend (caci 2014)

• 46% of County Mall’s core catchment (primary and secondary) is comprised of the highest spending Acorn consumer groups

• 89% of the centre’s primary catchment visit at least once a month

• 74% Sales conversion rate

• 37 New store fascias since 2011

• Only 5% of residents unemployment (Crawley 2011 Census)


RT @AutyWarriorMum: The #RyanBoxChangingPlace will be open until 22:30 2night4the outdoor cinema screening.ThankU @County_Mall